image of Skylar Falter
Skylar Falter
Coordinator, Buy Fresh Buy Local Nebraska
Phone: 402-472-5273

Skylar Falter is the Buy Fresh Buy Local Nebraska coordinator!  Born and raised in Nebraska, Skylar is an advocate for enriching communities and individual wellness through food.  She is the co-owner of RhizoCity Farms in Lincoln, NE, an urban vegetable farm that uses biointensive plantings, season extension, and ecologically-minded practices to grow three seasons out of the year.  She has a special interest in how value-added products and wholesale markets can help diversify revenue streams for local producers and ranchers.  When she’s not working in the soil, she’s elbow-deep making fermented foods like kimchi!

Skylar holds a B.S. in Biological Systems Engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Her experience growing food began five years ago at the UNL Student Organic Farm where she managed the farm’s first Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  Since then, she has worked as assistant farm manager at Lakehouse Farm, server at Prairie Plate Restaurant, and organic certification specialist/inspector at OneCert. 

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