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Dedicated to assisting people prosper in rural areas by helping them work together through cooperative business development

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USDA Rural Development Provides Assistance to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Nebraska Cooperative Development Center

LINCOLN, NE December 20, 2016--From its beginning in 2000, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Nebraska Cooperative Development Center (NCDC) has provided education, training, and technical assistance to cooperatively owned businesses.

NCDC has been funded in part through USDA Rural Development’s Rural Cooperative Development Grant (RCDG) program and Socially-Disadvantaged Groups Grants (SDGG) program.  NCDC works with groups who have incorporated or have an interest in forming cooperatives, LLCs and other “multi-owner” businesses.

Cooperative Business Development Specialist Jim Crandall provided the following information about cooperative business development projects.  The projects include the marketing of value-added agriculture products, marketing and distribution of local foods, and the establishment of community-owned retail stores on Main Street in rural towns.

The idea of people working together for a common cause, especially in small towns, has many appealing components that make its use in rural areas easily accepted and embraced.  The cooperative model concentrates on the “user owned”, “user-controlled”, and “user benefited” concept of business activities. 

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