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Cooperative USA

CooperateUSA is the most comprehensive directory of US cooperatives making it easier than ever to locate co-ops so you can shop, bank and live cooperatively. This powerful tool and the CooperateUSA mobile app were developed by the National Cooperative Business Association in partnership with Co-operatives UK.

Cooperatives create local jobs and keep wealth in our communities. We’re doing our part to educate Americans on how cooperatives can be the fix for many issues we’re facing today, including job creation, the housing crisis, affordable food and worker empowerment. You can help by spreading the word and supporting cooperatives near you!

The National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) is the national association representing cooperatives of all types and industries—spanning agriculture, childcare, credit unions, energy, financial service, food, healthcare, housing, media and retail. Our mission is to develop and advance cooperatives demonstrating the positive economic and social impact co-ops make on local communities.