Additional Cooperative Organizations

Cooperation Works!

CooperationWorks! is a national organization of cooperative development centers and practitioners that span the breadth of the United States.

Cooperation Works! Fall 2012 Newsletter
Arkansas Rural Enterprise Center
California Center for Cooperative Development

The mission of the California Center for Cooperative Development is to promote cooperatives as a vibrant business model to address the economic and social needs of California’s communities.


CoBank’s mission, as an integral member of the Farm Credit System, is to serve as a dependable provider of credit and other financial services to vital industries across rural America.

Cooperative Development institute

The Northeast Center for Cooperative Business

Cooperative Development Services

Since 1985, Cooperative Development Services has helped existing cooperatives retain their vitality and plan for future growth opportunities. CDS also actively engages with new cooperatives and organizations operating in a cooperative manner to launch new business ventures and plan for long-term viability.

Indiana Cooperative Development Center

We are committed to providing a range of innovative, results-oriented, and cost-effective services to cooperatives and related organizations.

Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development

(KCARD) is a non-profit 501(c)-3 organization established to facilitate agricultural and rural business development in Kentucky. KCARD provides educational opportunities, technical assistance, and business support services to new and existing agribusinesses.

Keystone Development Center

Our mission is to sustain communities, economies, and resources in rural areas through cooperatively owned businesses.

Mississippi Center for Cooperative Development

To use cooperative development as a strategy to enhance the quality of life and economic opportunities for rural Mississippi residents.

National Network of Forest Practitioners

The National Network of Forest Practitioners promotes the mutual well being of workers, rural communities, and forests by supporting individuals and groups that build sustainable relationships between forests and people.

North Dakota Rural Electric and Telecommunications Development Center

Statewide’s vision is an indispensable network of member cooperatives that enriches the lives of their consumers and the communities in which they live.

Northwest Cooperative Development Center

To foster community economic development, primarily through the cooperative business model.

South Dakota Value Added Agriculture Development Center

11 years of Expanding South Dakota's Agriculture Horizon

Rock Mountain Farmers Union Cooperative and Economic Development Center

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union is a progressive, grassroots organization dedicated to: achieving profitability for family farmers and ranchers;promoting stewardship of land and water resources; delivering safe, healthy food to consumers; strengthening rural communities through education, legislation, and cooperation; being the voice for family agriculture and rural communities.