Dedicated to assisting people prosper in rural areas by helping them work together through cooperative business development

Nebraska Cooperative Development Center – Twenty Years Strong

Since 1999, the Nebraska Cooperative Development Center has provided technical assistance, education and training to groups who are developing or are considering the development of a cooperatively owned business. The primary objective has been and is to improve the economic condition of rural areas through cooperative business development. NCDC continues to be committed to working with communities and organizations from idea formation to implementation.

As we reflect on the 20th year of the Center, this article revisits the cooperative model. Often in economics, cooperatives are described as formed for a market failure. That may be the case, but that failure creates an opportunity to work together. Working together is a Nebraska way of doing things. The flood has emphasized that and the Nebraska Strong slogan. The model in rural communities may be the best solution and approach regardless of the situation.

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Thank you Jim and Elaine!

image of Jim CrandallJim Crandell, who  served as  NCDC's Associate Director since 2000 retired in 2018.

image of Elaine CranfordElaine Cranford left the end of February to focus on her family and their business.

NCDC will miss their combined expertise and vision for Cooperative Development in Nebraska!

NCDC Announces Mini-Grants

 The Nebraska Cooperative Development Center (NCDC), a program of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Agricultural Economics, is seeking applications for its 2019 Mini Grants Program. NCDC mini grants are available for groups that are in the exploratory stages of multi-ownership ventures or that have already formed multi-ownership or cooperative enterprises in rural Nebraska. The deadline to apply for these competitive grants is May 20, 2019. 

Follow this link to the 2019 Mini Grant Applications.

Funding Opportunities

  • Initial Development Assistance grants are designed for groups who are in the exploratory stages of development and need financial assistance.  Examples of funding include: business planning, feasibility studies, legal fees, training and travel. Maximum award:  $2,000. 
  • Advanced Development Assistance grants are designed to provide groups the ability to hire professional services for the development of their cooperative business. These services often include attorney fees, accounting fees, board training and/or the development of marketing materials. Maximum award:  $3,500.
Mini-grant  funding is limited.  Not all grants nor budget items may be funded.  A cash and/or in-kind match is not required; however, preference will be given to groups that provide a match.
Please contact NCDC with any questions regarding the Mini-grant application.
Nebraska Cooperative Development Center Contacts

Charlotte Narjes:

Cindy Houlden:
308-293-6417 (cell)