Following is a list of several profiles/stories about cooperatively-owned businesses in Nebraska that were assisted by NCDC at one or more stages of business development.

Farmstead First

Farmstead First is a cooperatively-owned cheese making business run by Krista Dittman and Charuth Van Beuzekom-Loth.Farmstead First

Nebraska Food Cooperative

Nebraska Food Cooperative is a cooperatively-owned online farmers' market or store managed by an executive team.NE Food Coop

Heartland Nuts 'N More

Heartland Nuts 'N More is a cooperatively-owned business run by nut growers in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri specializing in producing, processing and marketing black walnuts and pecans

Heartland Nuts N More

Nebraska Woody Florals

Nebraska Woody Florals is a non-stock cooperative that is wholly owned by independent, farm-based family businesses that grow a variety of woody floral products to sell to the cooperative.

NE Woody Florals

Community Owned Stores

NCDC assisted several communities with opening community owned grocery and retail stores this past year across Nebraska.

Community Owned Stores

Elwood Grocery Store

When the only grocery store in Elwood, Neb., closed in January of 2012, community leaders quickly responded, organizing a community meeting to consider opening a cooperatively owned grocery store.