Cooperatives: A Childcare Solution (Nov. 2, 2023 Webinar Recording)

Charlotte Narjes, Cindy Houlden, Tammy Day, Beth Shashikant
November 3, 2023
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  • Beth Shashikant, Project Manager, Norfolk Area Childcare Collaborative
  • Tammy Day, Steering Team Lead and Business Manager, Daycos
  • Charlotte Narjes, Director, Nebraska Cooperative Development CenterM
  • Cindy Houlden, Cooperative Development Specialist, Nebraska Cooperative Development Center

According to census data, 70% of U.S. farmland will transfer to the next generation in the next 20 years, but today many families struggle to keep those farm operations in the family.

Learn how a cooperative model can address childcare opportunities and challenges in Nebraska. During the webinar you will hear about common cooperative structures as well as reasons this model has been successful. In addition, you will learn the reason the Norfolk Area Childcare Collaborative, recently formed as an employer-assisted entity following the cooperative structure.

Find more information about cooperatives on the Nebraska Cooperative Development Center's website.