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The six-week Homecare Worker Cooperative Academy is designed to take caregivers through the worker cooperative development process.
Exterior of Emerson Grocery Cooperative with people gathered.
Cooperative Business Development Mini-Grants are available to groups incorporated as or pursuing a cooperative business model.
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Learn how a cooperative model can address childcare opportunities and challenges in Nebraska.
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Owning Our Identity is the 2023 theme to build awareness of cooperatives nationally. October has been nationally recognized as cooperative month since 1964
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Through NCDC, multiple communities are exploring the innovative solutions afforded by the cooperative model.
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A new six-week Homecare Worker Cooperative Academy designed to take caregivers through the cooperative development process
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The steering team and future board of directors should know which questions to ask to ensure that the cooperative is legally structured.
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At NCDC, we assist community groups interested in the cooperative model, to determine if a cooperative is the best incorporation model.
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Approximately $650 million in funding is available to eligible producers, processors, distributors, and farmers markets.
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Real estate investment cooperatives are a way to take steps to stop dilapidation, create opportunity and realize revitalization success.
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The first question new directors will face is “how should our cooperative be managed?” This leads to two more questions: are we planning to hire a manager?
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To the average consumer, a cooperative business looks very similar to any other type of corporation. Look more closely and you will likely notice that the store is not run like a typical grocery store.
CSA share box of fresh vegetables.
Decades before HelloFresh or Blue Apron came along, local farmers have been providing customers weekly boxes of seasonal produce, farm products and recipes.
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NCDC's Cindy Houlden discusses the mini grant program and this year's recipients in this article and podcast.
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NET News covers the closing of the rural community's only grocery store, and what the future may hold.
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Community supported enterprises can assist a community in preparing for successful rural grocery store transitions.
Plant and money.
Apply for a 2021 NCDC Mini-Grant. Past recipients have used the funds (up to $2,500) on business planning, education and training, and legal fees.
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Nothing beats an in-person meeting, but throughout the COVID-19 pandemic NCDC is committed to providing safe, effective consultation and services virtually or over the phone.
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Join a network of over 100 farmers, ranchers, farmers' market and local food businesses committed to increasing the consumption of local food in Nebraska.
Elmwood Cooperative Market
Cooperatives have a long history in Nebraska in agriculture, but are we overlooking the cooperative model for other businesses?