Grocery Store Decision Making Tools

Starting a Grocery Cooperative can be a challenge in rural Nebraska communities.  This business closure can have a profound impact on the community. To assist with this process, NCDC has developed two financial planning tools to assist with outlining start up costs, creation of a the first year pro forma and planning for first year operations.

Start-Up Plan
This workbook allows the cooperative to identify and track expenses, identify and track funding sources, and create a budget for the cooperative start-up phase which is usually a 12 to 18 month period before the targeted store grand opening. Tabs include Expenses Entry and Combined Expenses for expense identification, tracking, and timing and Funding Entry and Combined Funding for funding identification, tracking, and timing. The final table is a basic Cash Flow for the start-up period. 

Operations Plan
This workbook allows the cooperative to create Projected Financial Statements, a Labor Plan, Overhead Expense Plan, and Cash Flows for operational planning purposes. The cooperative can also track the Profit & Loss for each department. The planning operations workbook information can be used to build the beginning budget in any accounting software.

Business Transition Tools

Once a business starts there will be at least one more transiton in the life of the business. The owner will decide at some point to transiton the business through a sale or closure.

A series of Business Transition Models shows different business transition strategies as well as the timing of decisions that need to be made.   Many types of business transitions can take years to complete.  These models show business owners and advisors many of the steps needed to take in a business transition.  The models also show what steps are needed to be taken to build community support for a multi-owner business transition.  Each model is explained and lists pros and cons of each transition.

The complete report is available for download here: Business Transition Models - Discover which model its your personal, financial and community needs.

Want more information?

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