Cooperative Grocery Store Decision Making Tools

Starting a Grocery Cooperative can be a challenge in rural Nebraska communities.  This business closure can have a profound impact on the community. To assist with this process, NCDC has developed two financial planning tools to assist with outlining start up costs, creation of a the first year pro forma and planning for first year operations.

Grocery Store Cooperative Start-Up Plan

This workbook allows the cooperative to identify and track expenses, identify and track funding sources, and create a budget for the cooperative start-up phase which is usually a 12 to 18 month period before the targeted store grand opening. Tabs include Expenses Entry and Combined Expenses for expense identification, tracking, and timing and Funding Entry and Combined Funding for funding identification, tracking, and timing. The final table is a basic Cash Flow for the start-up period. 

Start-Up Plan Documents

Start-Up Plan Video Tutorials

Watch: Start-Up Expense Introduction
Watch: Start-Up Funding Introduction

Grocery Store Cooperative Operations Plan

This workbook allows the cooperative to create Projected Financial Statements, a Labor Plan, Overhead Expense Plan, and Cash Flows for operational planning purposes. The cooperative can also track the Profit & Loss for each department. The planning operations workbook information can be used to build the beginning budget in any accounting software.

Operations Plan Documents

Operations Plan Video Tutorials

Watch: Operations - Overhead
Watch: Operations - Labor
Watch: Operations - Department Tabs
Watch: Operations - Financial Tab