Investment Cooperatives

Rural community downtown.

Cooperative Development Services and the Nebraska Cooperative Development Center hosted a webinar about formation of community real estate investment cooperatives on May 10, 2021. The webinar explains real estate development co-ops and introduces a sample Real Estate Development Cooperative roadmap to assist those interested in exploring the process. A field guide focusing on the introduction to real estate investment cooperatives will be available later in June. In addition, CDS and NCDC plan to host additional webinars on the topic to help increase awareness of the real estate investment cooperative model.

Video: Introduction to Real Estate Development Co-ops

Sample Real Estate Development Roadmap   

identifies three stages of development. Those phases are organizing, planning and implementing. A sustainable phase is also included in the roadmap.

Real Estate Development PowerPoint

PDF powerpoint of the 5/10/2021 presentation.

Other Resources

Real Estate Development Handout  

The handout introduces real estate investment cooperatives to communities.

Real Estate Development Steering Team ExpectationsPowerPoint

The handout identifies steering team expectations and initial steps.

Coming Soon

  • Field Guide describing the process.
  • Sample articles/bylaws and other materials from North East Investment Cooperative.
  • Articles and resources for learning about co-ops, Main Street initiatives, etc..
  • Information about other Real Estate Development Cooperatives.
  • Collection of contact info, experiences, ideas and input from Real Estate Development Cooperative organizers.
  • Investment Cooperative Project Analyzer to assist with preliminary financial feasibility analysis.

Cooperative Development Services

Cooperative Development Services (CDS) is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1985. Since its inception, CDS has been committed to providing a range of innovative, results-oriented, and cost-effective services to cooperatives and related organizations. CDS is partnering with the Nebraska Cooperative Development Services in pulling information together relative to investment cooperatives.