The Board of Director training program is presented by NCDC through a program facilitated by the Nebraska Cooperative Council. This program was established in Nebraska due to a surge in development of entrepreneurial businesses structured as Cooperatives or Limited Liability Corporations (LLC). These entities are governed by a Board of Directors who has a variety of roles and responsibilities. The three levels of the program assist new and current Board of Director teams with useful roles, responsibilities and information on running and managing a cooperatively-owned business in Nebraska.

For more information on the Nebraska Cooperative Councils please visit their webpage at:

Past presenters of the program:

Dr. Mike Turner, Professor emeritus of Ag Economics at UNL

Dr. Turner has worked extensively with local board of directors for over 35 years on strategic planning, business development and many other areas.

Ed Woeppel, Education and Program Director for the Nebraska Cooperative Council

Woeppel has spent his entire career in education and for the past eight years has coordinated the delivery of educational programs for the Nebraska Cooperative Council. Woeppel will be part of the management team discussion.

Rocky Weber, Attorney, Crosby Guenzel LLP

Weber has represented several new cooperatively owned businesses over the last several years and is an expert in cooperative law.