General Cooperative Development

General Cooperative Development

general cooperative development

General Cooperative Development Organizations can be found across the United States, most of them sharing similar foundations, goals and services for people and businesses.

Nebraska Cooperative Development Center is a member of a larger organization, Cooperation Works!, in which several cooperative centers across the United States take part. These centers offer similar services and resources in assisting business, organizations, communities, and people form cooperatives.

Services of Cooperative Development

  • Training & Education in forming/maintaining a cooperative business
  • Assistance with business plans, feasibility studies, board member setup, etc.
  • Networking both with-in cooperative & business circles
  • Assistance with cooperative management, finance, law and governance

Areas for Business Cooperative

  • Community-Owned Retail Stores
  • Value-Added Agriculture
  • Schools & Child Care Services
  • Housing
  • Health Care Services
  • Energy & Conservation
  • Worker-Owned Businesses