Local Food Systems

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Local food systems in Nebraska range from vegetables to honey to meat to eggs to fruits (etc.) and encompass food that is grown within a reasonable distance from where it is eaten. This distance depends on the product and the consumer’s definition of "local" food. Local “food miles” in Nebraska can include distances across towns, counties or state wide. (Food miles is the term for the number of miles a product travels from farm to plate)

Five Reasons to Buy Local Food – adapted from Buy Fresh Buy Local® Nebraska & NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Project

  1. Locally grown food tastes, looks and is better for you. Products retain nutrients, include local flavors and are processed near-by.
  2. Buying locally supports local economies. Purchasing local food and products keeps money within the local economy and communities.
  3. Local food supports local families. Buying locally from family farmers removes the cost of whole sale pricing and allows both the consumer and farmer to enjoy the benefits of retail pricing.
  4. Local food creates and maintains community. Buying directly from a farmer/producer creates a connection between the consumer and producer which enhances community and individual health.
  5. Local food benefits and preserves the environment, open spaces, wildlife and natural resources.

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Nebraska Farmers' Market Association

The NFMA was created to provide a network for farmers markets and their managers. The association will provide its members with consumer education; group marketing opportunities; assistance with funding (such as grants and fundraising); market manager training; statewide networking; and how to accept SNAP (food stamp) benefits, and debit and credit cards for payment at farmers’ markets.

Nebraska Food Cooperative

Nebraska's online, year-round farmers' market and local food distribution service.

NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Project, AATRA

A private nonprofit organization which manages a series of projects that promote self-reliance and sustainable lifestyles through wise use of appropriate technology.