The Level 1 training program focuses on the Management Team of the business (either cooperative or LLC), by focusing on the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors. Participants will hear from a banker on his/her point of view of the financial considerations of running a startup company. Other parts of the program include:

  • Legal foundations of the cooperatively-owned business
    • Cooperatives: open v. closed
    • Limited Cooperative Associations
    • LLC's
    • Partnerships
  • Board of Directors' legal obligations
  • How to run an effect board meeting
  • Basic parliamentary procedure
Level I Direct Training Powerpoint Presentations 

"So You Want to Start a Business" by Matthew H. Williams-November 22, 2011 (Matthew H. Williams, President Gothenburg State Bank, Phone: 308-537-7181,

Director Training – Phase 1provided by The Nebraska Cooperative Council (Dr. Mike Turner, Retired Ag Economist, UNL)

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